Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Waterlily ten five ten

Waterlily ten five ten  5x10
Using the date as name seems like a quick way to get the point. Painted on 10.05.10 I had sketched this studio work on one of the five by  ten inch sheets of watercolor paper which I had prepared for this series. Several are mounted on cardboard ready to go. This one had been in the studio for a few days now, so long in fact, that after several deadlines that I am not sure if the composition was from the Taniguchi Garden or from Mayfield Park. I painted this in a more controlled manner than I intended and it seems to have a quality that reminds me of some Japanese woodcut prints I have seen. It also has a feel similar to prints by Arthur Dow. I like this technique as a way to continue with a specific approach  to watercolor painting almost as a meditation in layers of colored washes. It is similar to the approach for the architectural renderings. The next one should be far more loose if for nothing else than for the fun of it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

On The Blanco

On The Blanco  5x10
Sunday was truly a picture perfect day, ideal for taking a day trip with the family to go just west of Blanco, Texas and see the large Dinosaur tracks in the banks of the Blanco river. As awesome as these are, I think playing in the crystal clear water of one of the natural spillways was a favorite for all the kids. I had never been to this spot where these amazing tracks are embedded into the limestone just above the waterline. It is a beautiful part of the Texas hill country. This small studio work is a watercolor on paper painted today  from a photograph looking east back towards the low water crossing near the footprints. The cloudless sky is reflected in the river with deep shadows defining the banks.