Thursday, January 10, 2013

 "Lakeside at Laguna Gloria"  

8" x 8" Oil on canvas panel
  The first 'Plein Air' painting of the year "Lakeside at Laguna Gloria" 8 x 8" Oil on canvas panel. A beautiful morning today to be out with other artists from PLEIN AIR AUSTIN. A big thank you to Laurel Daniel for organizing this paint-out along with Valerie Walden, Jane Frederick, Julie Davis, Clare Stratton and many more. So great to be out of the studio on such a gorgeous day in Austin. This little canvas represents a bit of a break out after months of painting with acrylic paints. I was determined to use only oils today instead of acrylic base painting as a setup to finishing the work with oil paints. Overall, it's still not exactly where I want to be be but it is a start. I spent almost a hour taking many photographs of the grounds and the Museum building as it was a spectacular morning after rains yesterday. The stone bench is at a great location right at the tip of the peninsula which is just off Lake Austin. The historic building and grounds of what is the former residence of Clara Driscoll are one of the exceptional landmarks to be found in Austin.