Monday, August 9, 2010


"Let's begin" ...
This is the way, I've read, in which a certain famous film director starts when shooting a take. He doesn't say "action", which is what is considered to be typical, but rather he says "Let's begin." It makes me wonder what God might have said in the beginning. You know, at the "Big Bang", the ultimate one take action scene. Might he have said ...(quiet on the set,)  ..."ACTION !" 
Hmmm,...perhaps HE might have said, simply, ..."Let's begin". 

Well, this is not a movie and it certainly is not an act of God, but is it an act of faith, and after months of research and evaluation of whether or not and how to and what if's, I have started this project; a blog. More precisely a blog about my artwork and the process by which it is made. It is an entirely new direction for me, but I am inspired by what I believe to be the most direct way to engage my work with the widest possible audience. My goal is to make the best art possible on a intimate scale and to create and present the content in a way that is worthy of your attention. So, with that,....let's begin.

This watercolor is one that I produced just after my fiftieth birthday in April. It is an imaginary scene depicting what was at the time, perhaps the most colorful springtime I have ever seen in central Texas since moving here some fifteen years ago. It has no title other than the date; 04.21.10 and it measures just under 5 inches wide by approx. 10 inches high. It is a 2 to 1 ratio totaling 50 square inches. It is a prototype for this project. To me that is perfect for this point in my life at 50 years old. A new beginning.
Five by Ten or 5 x 10. It was the theme of a small gathering for my fiftieth birthday and it seems perfect to use as a project painting size. I am going to produce as many of these five by ten paintings as possible until the 18th of April, 2011. I will post these new paintings here where you may see them and comment on them and also contact me to purchase them should you wish. The final details will be worked out, but the importance for me is to begin producing the work. I have plenty of subject matter and materials to use. Not all of the paintings will be in watercolor. But, I often find scraps of watercolor paper remaining from the architectural renderings I produce for Studio B. I find them and simply start to paint for the sake of painting and many times it is of the sky with clouds. A scene for the day, if you will. A visual diary of the days weather perhaps, or even just a sky with minimum landscape. I have dozens of these paintings I have produced over the past four or five years. I am drawn to how watercolor can capture and depict the sky & clouds with the simplest of means using pigment and water. It is the most appropriate medium for creating the cloud vapors against a clear blue sky using water as the common element between the two. It is something that is simple and yet magical while never being quite the same way twice.
There it is then. That may well be the mission statement here; To create something magical and never be exactly the same way twice.

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