Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lower McKinney Falls

Lower McKinney Falls   5x10
With the fall color starting to develop to the extent  it does this time of year in Austin, it was high time to get back outdoors. We spent a late afternoon recently at McKinney Falls State Park on the edge of Austin. It was a warm and cloudless early November day perfect for taking lots of reference photographs of this beautiful state park. This painting depicts a setting with views of the Lower Falls from the Beach Area where Onion Creek has carved out a wonderful spot for swimming although there were only day hikers at the time.

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Stephen Parker said...

You really have excellent control with your watercolor technique. I don't know much about watercolors, but I do know I found them difficult the one time I tried the years ago.

Wonderful values and textures in this one. Great job on the blog, too.