Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fall Leaves 11.30.10

Fall Leaves 11.30.10 One-Four   5x5
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This series of four miniature paintings are similar to ones I have painted before. I did many small paintings like this several years ago, only they were painted in gouache on paper with a gessoed surface. Here I wanted to try  it again in watercolor as an exercise in creating these textures. The gouache method tends to have more contrast within each color when applied, as it is more opaque than watercolor, so I needed to build up several layers of colors to establish a similar appearance. These leaves were collected yesterday with my daughter on our walk home from school. She especially liked several we found near a bradford pear tree.


peggy said...

All of your work is lovely Baron! I "connect" with the leaves because I am here in "Connecticut" where fall lasted for weeks!

Best, Peggy

Laurel Daniel said...

LOVE these! great colors and patterns.